Born to Fly, I Think So!

I Covered Born to Fly, by Sarah Evans

Sarah Evans is one of the icons who inspired my singing style.  Her songs are fun loving but also have meaning, while incorporating many instruments in her tracks to create those catchy tunes of hers.  Born to Fly is one of my personal favorites, so during Winter of my sophomore year, I decided to head to the bottom of my dorm – the secluded Jewett Basement – and work on getting my first country cover out on a social media platform (YouTube).  The way I went about making my covers last year (my sophomore year) was an interesting process.  Since I had poor audio recording skills, limited recourses and a lack of connections, I didn’t use any fancy techniques or anything like that.  All I had at my disposal were my instrumental plugged into GarageBand on Mac, along with my PhotoBoot App to capture the video, and my headphones. It was really fun. 

     Sometimes I would just go to the basement to practice my Arias for my jury, just so I could hear myself clearly.  Acoustics make ALL the difference when your’e trying to practice how you sound. When you can hear yourself clearly from outside influences such as building acoustics, you know exactly how you are going to sound to others. When you sing you never really know what you sound like to others until you listen from a second perspective – unless you have a location where you can hear yourself!

     Anywho, My range accessibility has expanded quite a bit since this was recorded, to where I can happily look back on these videos I’m posting from a year ago, mark my progress, and be satisfied with it! Before last year, I couldn’t bring my chest voice up past a B4 without straining, but now I bring my chest up to hit a D5 and sustain for a couple seconds without straining (most of the time)! To continue cringing about my past while smiling with how things are going in the present (lol), I will continue putting up my early videos. Maybe I’ll throw a few in from the high school days!  Although, that would make my beginning videos out of order if you don’t mind. Please leave a comment below on what you think, and if you like my video please go and like it on Youtube! Oh, and don’t to forget to subscribe!


     ~Gracie <3


(P.S. Please ignore my awkward dancing!) 

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