Finding Bigfoot: A Yosemite Adventure!

After my Freshman Year of College, I had huge plans for the summer. I went to a different country by myself for the first time, (Australia), I got to go to Yosemite with my favorite person in the whole wide world, Becca, along with her family, and I vacationed in Florida with my family just like in previous years.

     One of the most memorable activities of this summer is documented by an epic but silly parody of Finding Bigfoot that Becca and I made while at Yosemite Park, not without the help of her family though, of course!  It’s such a funny show, so I highly recommend you watch it, and if you have, hopefully you’ll pick up all the references!

     This parody was especially fun because we got to really push our characters to the most extreme, cringeworthy extent that we wanted to. We talked like typical “Californians” who were out in search of a Sasquatch. On the car ride up from the cabin to the mountain site, we came up with some fun facts to create an intro to our ‘episode’. I, of course, couldn’t help extending my sentences to the limit, adding nonsense words and phrases here and there. So of course, there were many takes behind each snipbit of my lines within the beginning 5 minutes. Becca was responsible for taking lots of B-roll, and I was responsible for watching her (lol)! Once we set foot to our trail we ran around, filming our shocked responses to any sign of nature being nature, such as the wind blowing, or a sound – ANY sound. We had to exaggerate for the audience, make them really understand how extra we could be. Hey, Becca and I are like Siamese Twins: We were practically inseparable in our youthful days. We did EVERYTHING together! We had to remind the world that after 8 years of living across the country from each other, our silly ways and giggly days were NOT over nor any different than what they used to be back in the day!

     You see, shows like Finding Bigfoot are extremely dependent on improv, so that’s exactly what I tried to apply. Though, sometimes I said some unnecessary things, so our lovely editor (also Becca) made the appropriate cuts to my ramblings! Anywho, I hope you enjoy this wonderful parody, and don’t cringe too hard.


(PS: The Scenery is Beautiful!!!)

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