The Last Summer Retreat: Enter Senior Year of High School

This video brings me back to the time right before my senior year of high school – the music retreat! Becoming a senior meant I was going to be leader for the underclassmen, and they would look up to me, or something like that. I loved choir and all the underlings I had as a section leader. I was a little caught up in the idea that we needed to be perfect, and oftentimes pushed my sopranos and altos a little harder than they wanted to give effort towards. But, I was very proud of them. I do miss singing in an SATB choir, although Borealis is pretty awesome right now up at Drake (The womens’ treble chorus formerly called Drake Chorale). Anyways, this is a post regarding my favorite song to perform. It’s called Don’t Know Why, by Norah Jones. With such a rich, mellow voice and soothing instrumentals backing it, Norah Jones is such a crowd pleaser without even putting much effort in. She typically sings in more of an alto range, to which I can easily belt and open up my chest voice when singing her songs. This song is just stunning and I really myself when I sing her songs. Listening to Norah Jones both in concert and for many years in the car with my mom has made me realize that not all impressive singing has to be rooted in powerful high notes that the average woman cannot easily achieve or sound good with. It realizes a more sensual approach to music bringing together the souls within the artist and listeners, rather than hyping people up from some upbeat soprano melody. As much as I’m all in for having some good bops to jam to, music makes you feel many emotions, and I happen to bring about feelings of security and meditation in those who listen to my soft-spoken voice. That’s apparently my style, as I’ve accounted from numerous peers and mentors in the industry.

     This was also the first video I believe that I posted on my Youtube channel.  But don’t quote me, it may have been the second! My good friend Madi videotaped this, and I am grateful she got this on film, as my mother could not make it to the final retreat performance, so it’s good she got to see it on film! I really do love singing Norah Jones’ music, and I hope that soon I can do a whole set of Norah Jones cover music.  I already have my guitar player set and confirmed, now what other instruments should I incorporate in my acoustic live set!? Comment down below!  

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