TyLee Comes Back: Successfully Refined

Some pictures came in from the one of the many great photographers I met at Anime Expo last summer! I never realized that these guys and gals attend a con, take a million photos of random and not so random people, and then spend a whole entire YEAR editing them and making them perfect for distribution. Now that I think about it, I should have asked him about or made some sort of royalty deal with him. But, it was my first time in such a situation, so I’ll let it go. Hopefully I end up making him some good profits!

     A lot of people liked my costume! Not that I created it entirely alone, but HEY, it was also my first costume attempt, so I’d say that getting professional photos taken and given to me for free while displaying my first ever cosplay WHILE being at my first major con is a total win! I really like the idea behind these photographers. They are ever so casual and friendly! It really is a wonderful niche community I’ve stumbled myself upon. The photographers I met and did work with were actually very chatty and we talked about many subjects., A few of them took a liking to my Japanese posts on Instagram. It was these moments where I had never before felt so proud of my Japanese language competency, (which has showed miles of improvement now that I’ve had a year to practice and continue my studies with my beautiful Sensei <3).
     But really, these pictures turned out so great! Just by glancing you can see all the minor and major edits he made. I know you folks haven’t seen the raw photos, but holy mackerel they are so different! First of all, it was a very sunny day outside, and I did not have that glowy contrast going for me! What an artistic fellow he is!

     Looking back I could have done my hair a bit better, but hey that wig had a sticky beverage spilled on it a few months prior, so it held up fairly well considering all the round-offs, handstands, and back-walkovers I did in the middle of the LA Convention center that day. The next time I cosplay as her, hopefully I’ll have my back handspring in bloom and maybe I can clear a tumble path just like those street performers on Venice beach do! (But hopefully I’ll get more attention *tehee*)
     Anywho, I am super grateful the photographer didn’t make me pay for the photos he took of me! They are beyond precious! Regarding the other photographers who took photos of me that day, you could say I have a pile of business cards with people to follow up with. Hopefully I can get (free) access to those ones as well!

PS: super huge shoutout to @starr.lens at Star Lens Photography for being the first person to do professional photography work with me! Thank you so much and I hope we will meet at the next con!

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