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My Very First Creation in California

     This past summer I went to a HUGE convention by the name of – Anime Expo 2019!!! Anime Expo (AnimeXpo for short) is the largest anime convention in the United States! Can you believe that!? I had a four day pass, too, and let me tell you….. boy was it fun!

     My friends convinced me to cosplay a character they thought I embodied well. Her name is Chika Fujiwara! I’m pretty sure she is actually animated me, and the creator of the series Kaguya-Sama:  had met me before 

Fast forward to the con, as I quickly found myself to enjoy playing this character very much!  She’s adorable and has pink hair! Anywho, here’s some chitter about how the costume was made!

     I had the help of my wonderful friend, Mollie, whom I’ve known since high school, as well as Sophie, her beautiful mother, to make this dress happen! In this particular photo I hadn’t even cut the bangs on my wig yet.  I took it right when we finished the dress. Because I was so excited, I NEEDED to put my wig on!

     To be honest, this was a real big learning experience.  Sophie could go pro if you ask me! Personally I didn’t feel like I helped all that much with the actual costume, but I learned a lot! From various stitches, one can use to alternate ways to layer your costume for easy reuse and detachment of certain parts! This gave me the idea to try and layer my own parts when I create my Sailor moon cosplays! I actually used my brother’s bow-tie for the bow on my bangs, and it was extremely hard to keep straight lol! But, it made me look Spacey so I’m ok with that.

     I bought blue contacts to wear and really got into my eyebrows and lip color for the make up look. I took some selfies in my room after day 1 of the con! These photos are all unedited and raw. I’ll update edited ones once I play around with them a little, maybe making them a little more dreamlike!