A Little About Me

Hi there, Gracie Parker here. Thank you for visiting my website! Here’s a little spiff about me so we can get acquainted!

Gracie Parker

Who is Gracie Parker, you ask? I am a young, energetic soul who believes her purpose in life is to influence positive change in and increase human in connection in the world by sharing her gifts with others. With abundant passions and a strikingly vivid imagination, I find the most joy in creating. 

I love to talk, sing and perform! I sing in various languages and styles. I hope that one day I’ll be able to write down and share the endless scores that constantly ring about in my head. Aside from singing, I play the flute, violin, and piano. Recently, I just bought a starter’s khalimba. ITS SO COOL! I aspire to become efficient in the guitar as soon as COVID-19 lets me travel home to my instruments! 🙂 I have great interests in become an ani-song artist and a voice actress.

As you just inferred, yes, I am very much into the visual arts. Motion picture, animation, and fun-going, light hearted videos are where it’s at for me. If you wanted a reference guide to what my aura may be like, think of combining Gus Johnson with Smosh Brothers. Now go ahead and add in quite a bit of quirkiness and soft-girl energy. That’s me!

Another one of my hobbies is crafting! I may not have any talent in the hand drawing area, but I do have a knack for creating many kinds of bracelets and necklaces, keychains, dog leashes, and sewing! I am actually only a beginner sewer, but my mother just bought me a new beginner’s machine, so I hope to get really serious about it and work on my cosplay game!  It would have been nice to be able to create some rad costumes for LA Anime Expo 2020, but the coronavirus has been the cause of many cosplay convention cancellations.  But, this means that I will have lots of time to create new projects! I have a cosplay instagram account as well, yet I haven’t had much time to create new content as I am busy with school.  

     This summer will be the best time to really focus on the ins and outs of my creativity, especially with my sewing explorations! I am super excited, and therefore I will keep you all posted on my social media accounts as well as on this official website of mine! If you want early access to posts and all Gracie-related content, you can sign up to support my Patreon, a site for creatives like myself, by clicking the orange button below. Or, to follow my cosplay account you can click the pink button below.  The rest of the icons will take you to my other social media accounts. 

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