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Le Festin Cover

Oh isn’t French such a beautiful language? Le Festin is probably one of the most familiar pieces in the French Language that Americans know.  It’s fame stems mainly from being the featured song from the 2007 Pixar movie, Ratatouille. Singer Camille sings an enchanting tune that is very reflective of the movie’s calm environment. 

     As this is one of my low quality covers,  please know that I’m trying to get better at recording myself! As you can probably tell from the video, I don’t speak french natively, yet, but I find the language so very beautiful to listen to, and I often sing classical art songs and arias in French here at University. Currently my language learning storage is a little booked while I’m still actively studying to master Japanese and just started to pick up where I left off on my Norwegian! (Don’t tell them I’m Swedish!)  

    Anywho, I though it would fitting of me to post a Disney song on here, since I love all things Disney! I love this song especially, so I covered it on a whim over the summer! The audio does get louder towards the middle, just a fair warning! We don’t want any bursted ear drums here.  If you really like where these magical vibes travel within your heart, please Please PLEASE like and leave a comment! There’s nothing I would appreciate more than engagement from my viewers! If you folk really like the Disney vibes, then please recommend some more Disney songs or any other piece you would love to see me cover! <3  

    Now, lets talk tech-y for a moment. Although after this semester I have acquired the skills to fix my audio shortcomings reflected in the sound quality, I thought it would be kind of cool to start this page with some of my early work before I start posting creations on the newer side (not that there are many, yet!).   In a while I plan to make a progress video, including takes and clips from past covers and works, then putting them next to some of my recent performances showing the improvements I’ve made in my musical adventurings!  So, for this reason exactly I have decided not to fix the apparent quality errors of this cover1. I’m not ashamed of my mistakes.  Rather, I view them as an opportunity to better myself and become closer to being the musician I strive be!  Thanks for listening, make sure to like and subscribe to my channel! Really, how could I call myself a YouTuber if I don’t even discreetly mention that! 

     I wish you all magnificant days or nights or weeks full of magic and yummy cuisine! 

          ~ Gracie